Monday, March 16, 2009

Stove-top Espresso Maker

I saw this cute little espresso maker in Cafe Coffee Day and was quite fascinated at its size and functionality. Sold on its features, I bought it. It does make a nice cup of coffee.

It has three compartments. You fill water in the bottom compartment, put in the coffee powder in the cup-shaped, filter compartment above it and screw on the top, which has a spike-shaped thingy with slits that protrudes into the upper compartment. Put this assembled onto a gas burner on low fire.

In about 2 minutes you hear a gurgling sound as the water boils below, and the steam/water rises through the coffee powder and oozes into the upper compartment. In about 2-3 minutes a cup of espresso is ready. The handle is heat-proof, so you can lift it off the fire easily (though you have to be careful not to knock it down as it is just about balanced on the stove top--better if you have a hot plate) and pour the espresso into your mug through the spout, nice as anything.

I add two ladles-full of milk and a little water and sugar to make my coffee. Haven't tried it black yet.


jshree said...

looks great! Sounds interesting!! What's the price Hash :)

Hasmita said...

Ah, forgot to mention that. It costs Rs 265, Jshree.

Anonymous said...

Hello Hasmita,

Does it work with normal coffey powder like we get in Grocery store? he one we use in filter coffey
I want to gift this one for my mom, hope she likes this one.

Hasmita said...

Hi Anonymous,

Yes, it works with filter coffee powder (not instant powder). :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Hasmita,