Sunday, November 23, 2008

Book Review: Brisingr!

I finished reading Brisingr last month. I enjoyed the book very much, and am impatient to read the next and hopefully last book of the series. 'Hopefully last' only because I want to see how it all ends and not because it's not a good story. I did find that some parts were overly long, and dragged a little, but overall it was absorbing as a fantasy tale ought to be.

The sword-making bit really was unnecessary to go on for so many pages! It's obvious that it's only been put in because of the amount of research you probably put in. I hope Paolini will resist the urge in the final book :)

There was one tiny but glaring mistake: when someone says/thinks "he could care less" - the common error made in colloquial English, when the person actually means "he couldn't care less".

Otherwise I admire Paolini's skills and maturity of writing. Brilliant. Very well done!

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Samprita said...

I had similar thoughts when I read Brisingr recently. The sword making part could have certainly been shorter.It gets wearisome to even read. Another thing I found, and I wonder if you think the same way, is that despite talking about awareness of nature/beings around you..he still refers to soil in the all-too-American incorrect way as 'dirt'. That was quite a turn off. These things apart, it was wonderful reading...and can't wait for the last of the series!