Monday, September 22, 2008

Reading: Brisingr!

I received my copy of Brisingr by Christopher Paolini today! It was just released on 20 September so I was surprised and thrilled to get it this afternoon by courier. It's a paperback, but the quality of paper is smooth and a pleasure to touch; the font is easy on the eyes, and the page numbers are on the right side centre of the page, which is great for reference--I wonder why this has not been done before (to my knowledge).

Indiaplaza is offering Eragon and Eldest free if you buy Brisingr (Rs 600) from them. Since I already have copies of the first two, I preferred the offer from Sify's Landmark books (Rs 448 incl. shipping). The book purchased in walk-in stores is Rs 630, I think.

I've just read the brief but memory-refreshing summary of the first two books in the first few pages of Brisingr, and am eager for the journey of this last book of the series. I'll definitely review it here when I finish.

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Nirvan Sphere said...

Thanks for the info- useful indeed! WIll look out for your review of the book :)