Thursday, August 14, 2008

Most Eligible Bachelor

Alongside the headlines that Abhinav Bindra had won India's first ever gold in the Beijing Olympics, there was a report announcing how Abhinav is now one of the most sought and eligible bachelors.

Makes you wonder what an Olympic medal has to do with marriage, eh? What, you marry someone for his fame and name? It would be an honour if you got to meet him, and it would be something if you got to like him and he you, and you then married. But just putting his name high up on the 'bachelor market' because of this wonderful achievement is something hard to comprehend, no?

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Kevin said...

I couldn't agree more Hasmita. It is like so many of the people who would die to meet a movie star or someone, anyone of public stature. While some of those types of people it may indeed be an honor to meet, it in no way makes them any more marriage material than someone standing a foot away. Status does not make one any better suited, and should not make them any more appealing when considering spending one's life with them. I agree with you.