Monday, January 21, 2008

Movie Review: Marie Antoinette

This film is visually fantastic--every other scene is as beautiful as a painting. What colours, camera angles, lighting. The palace and surroundings, the clothes--rich and intricately detailed; the food, mouthwatering.

Kirsten Dunst has done a great job portraying Marie Antoinette as a character. As a viewer, I liked her, felt sorry for her, indulged her and yet felt annoyed at her excesses and total disregard for the affairs of the kingdom--the governance and the people of France.

The film moves slowly but I was only occasionally impatient with the pace. Except for the handful of main characters, I couldn't catch most of the names or faces--what with their constantly changing and elaborate costumes and hairdos, it was hard enough keeping track of Dunst!

Antoinette and her puppet of a dauphin husband Louis Auguste get what they deserve at the end, but what exactly they got wasn't clear. I was surprised the movie was over. I suppose people familiar with these characters in history would know (I plan to look it up), but after the slow buildup the ending didn't quite deliver for me.

I'd rate this 4 stars.

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