Saturday, November 24, 2007

Stupid ads

A woman opens her cupboard to be greeted by a man inside wearing a hideous mask, moving his hands in a clawing action - she is not surprised, where another person might have had a heart attack and died on the spot. The man takes off his mask, and it turns out to be probably her husband, who looks to my eyes very similar to the mask itself (maybe that's why she isn't shocked out of her wits).

The ad is for Vodafone surprises, whatever that is, I discovered today. Every time the ad happened to come on, my little girl gets terrified and hides her face in my arms and we hurriedly switch channels, so we never got to see which company/ad agency had such an intelligent advertising strategy.

I saw another ad for the same product, which is just as stupid. When there is so much intelligence, wit and humour in this country, I don't understand why agencies resort to such cheap and mindless advertising. Don't they know that the ads are shown on channels that children watch? Why children, even I get a start when I see the ad, and I will make very sure never to go for this product.

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Anonymous said...

You can say that again. Why on earth they show that man clawing at thin air for such a long time beats me!