Thursday, November 15, 2007

Review: Bangalore Bistro

I went to this restaurant opposite St Patrick's Church, Brigade Road, Bangalore, for the first time. A friend suggested meeting there for an early lunch. I was expecting a cafe sort of an atmosphere but this is a regular restaurant with a formal dining space indoors and a more casual setting outdoors on the rooftop of a dilapidated-looking building.

We sat outside on the chunky benches painted bright blue as seats on either side of (I think) black stone table tops. It was nice to sit out because it was quite chilly and the warmth of the sun was welcome. We chose the table closest to the door where there was shade.

They make any sort of soup you like, so I chose creamy (choices were: pesto, creamy or clear) and asked for vegetables. The soup arrived with julienned vegetables and ginger in a shallow white basin-type bowl served on a contrasting black tray. It was accompanied by a basket of melt-in-the-mouth garlic bread and stringbean-thin breadsticks that were crunchy and perfect with the delicious soup.

For the meal I ordered some crepes stuffed with vegetables and two types of cheese (gorgonzola, mozzarella), accompanied by two slices of bruschetta topped with chopped tomato, red pepper, and so on. The crepes were filling, tasty and did not leave me looking forward to dessert (I'll have to go there another time to try them).

My friend ordered garlic and pepper fish (seer) which was served with a little inverted bowl of herbed rice and bruschetta. She enjoyed the fish but I myself didn't quite take to the taste of the Italian-style flavouring used on it.

The food is expensive, but very good. I enjoyed the view of the St. Patrick's Church steeples from where I was seated during the day. My friend says the place takes on a different, equally charming character in the evening.

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Deepika said...

makes me wanna eat!:) will surely try it out!