Friday, November 23, 2007

Book Review: The Almost Moon: Alice Sebold

I picked up this book in Landmark today and read the back cover, and found it intriguing even though it starts and dwells on a woman who kills her aging mother in frustration for all the pain the latter has caused her over the years.

The reason I found it intriguing and exciting enough to add it to my wishlist is probably the same for hundreds of Sebold fans around the world: her beautiful first novel, The Lovely Bones. I was sure that a writer who could write as she did in Lovely Bones could handle the exploration and working of a woman driven to killing her 88-year-old mother just as masterfully.

Therefore, I was deeply surprised to find from the reviews on The Almost Moon that the book has a poor rating. Readers say the book is so dark and disturbing that they were repelled by it and wouldn't recommend it to everyone. Most readers also maintain that Sebold is still a writer of great skill.

This is the sort of nightmare a writer has--I got a wonderful reception for my first book, what if the second fails? Scary, sad.

Although I am removing Almost Moon from my reading list, I look forward to Sebold's next work with hope.

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Mumbaiwallah said...

I loved 'The Lovely Bones' too - thought it was marvellous. I heard similar things about The Almost Moon - that it was sad, depressing and dark.

I can't bear to deliberately put myself through sad books, so am skipping this one too.