Sunday, June 17, 2007

On Taking Up a Cause

I received a forwarded mail about a blog post on, an environment-related online community, that mentioned the black search page of Google called Blackle. This page is supposed to contribute to saving power by changing the Google's white background to black, because CRT monitors use up more energy to display white than black.

I visited the blog and saw pages of comments, of which many people observed that the Treehugger background hadn't changed to black. Others said that this was not a 'real' contribution from Google because this energy saving was only on CRT monitors, and most people now use LCD displays! These people are clearly not living in India or in other developing countries.

If you don't use a CRT monitor, use Google. If you do use a CRT monitor and would like to support the idea behind creating Blackle, use Blackle. Why go around questioning and objecting and commenting? How does that help? Are these people saying that they are coming up with a better idea to save energy in the near future, which is why they are turning up their noses at this attempt?

It's not enough to support an idea, to try to make this world a better place. People want you to go ALL OUT. You want to support PETA's vegetarianism, you must be a complete vegetarian, it's not enough if you give up one or two meats that you have been used to consuming. These attempts are not enough, not considered. And if you're vegetarian, do you eat eggs? such people will ask. How about milk? Aren't cows and other dairy animals being exploited? We should be giving up all dairy products, if we REALLY care. How about plants then? To grow them, you abuse the earth, pollute the earth, water, and eat polluted, chemical-sprayed food. So we ought to be consuming only Organic Food, if we really, REALLY cared. If we shop at a regular store, we're hypocrites, nothing less.

These people can poke a person's gentle contribution full of holes, pour a bucketful of scepticism and pessimism over it. "Better no contribution than so little" is what they are saying.

Better One than NONE, is what I say!

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