Saturday, November 19, 2005

India, Philippines: Low Quality, Cheap Labour

According to this "StudentNetwork" ( India and Philippines are only good for cheap and low quality labour:

To quote them: "We are an American based company looking for American, Canadian, or British freelance writers. A lot of companies in this industry look to exploit cheap labor from India or the Philippines, but we pride ourselves on quality."


Heretic said...

Sad, but my guess is that we'll see them here in a few more years.

No point getting aggravated; eventually, quality considerations should see them looking for us to fulfill their requirements. :-)

Anonymous said...

> We are desperately in need of
> writers with degrees in the
> following areas of study...
If there are lots of good but-oh-not-so-cheap writers out there I wonder why they're so desperate :)


Sonny Mujumdar said...

Basically SNRINFO is one of the millions of desperate companies in the USA that are panic striken that their work is being outsourced to India for reasonable rates and the same or better quality of work available in the US. So give them no is just a marketing ploy. I'd say apply and write for them. Get your name onto their freelance writers list. ha ha. Ultimately, it is us Indians that are writing for them whether the work is done here or there.

Happy writing!