Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Pirated Harry Potter And Other Books

I just read through the BBC Web site that the latest Harry Potter is being sold on the streets in our dear Mumbai, pirated and cheap. The article says that the book, that ought to sell at Rs. 670 onwards, is being sold for $6 which is around Rs. 270.

E-books of the Harry Potter series are also being circulated by e-mail. If you get a copy of this mail, please delete it--these are illegal, too.

Don't ever get conned into buying pirated books. These are books printed locally and illegally by cheap printing presses. The text and paper are low-quality and don't be surprised if you discover a page or two missing in between--you can't hold anybody responsible for the gap in your story.

The money paid to buy these books goes into the pockets of the illegal presses and the footpath vendors. The author and publisher don't get anything for all the hard work they put in. If you are going to spend 150/- on a pirated book, why not spend a hundred bucks more and get the original one?

And let's face it, what would you rather own, a cheap and guilty paperback or an original, beautiful book that you can proudly display in your bookshelf? If you prefer branded clothes to unbranded ones because you can blindly trust their quality and name, why should you not treat your book purchases the same way?

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Percy said...

And the thing also is that you don't know who's behind the piracy. Maybe it's the underworld for all we know.

Piracy is a huge problem in India and if you're an author, I'm sure it's a nightmare. It's hard enough to make some money out of a book, if there are people who rip you off and make money, it's even harder.